Pakistan Visa can be only made in your home country. This is why the 3-month validity is problematic for long-term travelers.
I applied successfully for a single entry 6-month validity visa, which costs 168€ plus 6€ postal fees (“Einschreiben”) to send my passport home, instead of driving another time to the embassy.

A return flight and hotel booking are required.

As I will arrive with my own car I had to fake a flight and hotel.
Faking a flight can be easily done via I booked a refundable flight with Oman Air. The cancellation costs only 22$.
The hotel is a 12$ bargain at, just choose a random hotel with free cancelation.

I arrived at the embassy several minutes after 10:00 (opening time) and was the first in a small row. The employees at the embassy are very helpful and friendly, the whole process took no longer than 10 minutes.

The passport stays at the embassy. Processing time: 14 days.
Austrians do not need an LOI (letter of invitation).

These are the official requirements found on the website of the Embassy of Pakistan:

  • Visa application form in CAPITAL ENGLISH LETTERS (an improperly filled-in form may cause delay or refusal of the visa. Please use extra sheets/photocopy if required).
  • Original Passport (valid for at least 06 months on the date of submission).
  • Photocopy of the Passport (with copies of Pakistan visa(s), immigration stamps for previous visits to Pakistan).
  • Two latest passport size (2″x 2″) color photographs showing full face. One of these photos should be affixed on the Visa application form. The other photo should bear the name of the person on the reverse side.
  • Details of Travel Programme.
  • Copy of Return Flight Booking

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