From Austria to the Far East
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  • Myanmar,  Thailand

    Thai Troubles (by Zofia)

    Entering Thailand was far more complicated than you would think. It seemed to be such an “accessible” country! We supposed only to insure our vehicles in advance to get TIP…

  • Myanmar

    Pho Win Taung (by Zofia)

    Pho Win Taung was the first and I guess my favorite tourist attraction we visited in Myanmar. A complex of almost 1000 caves full of sculptures and images of Buddha.…

  • Myanmar

    Pagodas of Bagan (by Zofia)

    Bagan – a place that is on all postcards and posters from Myanmar. More than 2000 Buddhist pagodas and almost 1000 temples make the landscape truly memorable. I enjoyed exploring…

  • Myanmar,  Thailand

    Sawadee Thailand!

    The Bordercrossing After our guided tour through Myanmar, we crossed the border to Thailand in Mae Sai. Bringing your own car to Thailand is a pain at the moment, as…

  • Myanmar

    Goodbye India & Mingalaba Myanmar

    After 4 really intense months in India, we crossed the border to Myanmar last week. The Asian highway No.1, which is the only connection between India and Southeast Asia is…

Location: Austria
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