After 4 really intense months in India, we crossed the border to Myanmar last week. The Asian highway No.1, which is the only connection between India and Southeast Asia is maybe the worst road on the way on my trip.

AH1 in Nagaland, India

Full of dust, potholes, and construction in the middle of the jungle.
The border-crossing to Myanmar was quite easy, also because our guide was already waiting on the border.
He did all the paperwork for us and after 1 hour we were ready to go. Myanmar is the only country so far where we need a guide.

Border crossing India – Myanmar

Our guide Kyaw is now my passenger for the next 10 days. We have to sleep in hotels and the whole trip is planned by the tour operator.
So not much space for free traveling, but the positive thing is we don’t have to care about anything.
On the second day, all of us got very bad diarrhea, and I got additionally an infect of the urinary tract including high fever. The problem is we have to stick to our plan, so there is no option to stay a little longer to relax and cure our diseases. Fortunately, we have strong medicine with us and all of us are healthy again.

In 2010 I was already visiting Myanmar and a lot of things have changed since then. And of course not all to the good.
10 years ago we had to change money on the black market in Yangon, now there is an ATM on every corner.
The mobile network coverage is comparable with European standards, LTE is widely available and super fast, even in remote areas. But that means also that there are antennas, and the ones the annoyed me the most were in Bagan, in the middle of the pagoda field.

U-Bein Bridge
Pagoda Field Bagan

The roads improved a lot and compared to the Indian Highways to Hell, a joy to drive.
On Friday my next big dream is waiting:
We will enter Thailand to spend the European Winter on the beach.

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