This morning we set the alarm very early. Our mission was to see the sunrise at 6 am at the mother of all temples, the Angkor Wat in Siem Reap (Cambodia).
Southeast Asia is also affected by travel bans, so there are not many tourists around. Especially the Chinese are missing, they used to come here in huge groups. So we found ourselves with a small number of other tourists – perfect for taking pictures.
Also, the weather was quite pleasant. It used to have nearly 40 degrees in the last days, but today it was a little cloudy.

Initially, we had the plan to travel to Lao next week, but with the current situation, we decided to leave Cambodia tomorrow and find a safe place in Thailand. The options to travel from there are much better.

But it will be not easy to cross tomorrow, we have several issues that could make it difficult:

1.) Our exit point from Cambodia is fixed and we should use a border to Laos. To change that we would have to go to Phnom Penh Custom house

2.) Thailand has some weird laws to import foreign vehicles, which could require a very expensive guide

3.) Thailand can close its borders anytime

4.) Zofia has no Thai insurance for her motorbike, we have to organize that tomorrow morning

Here are the first pictures of Angkor Wat, much more will follow (I made about 650 pics today).

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