Okay, I admit it, I haven’t written for way too long again. My friend and soul mate was going through probably one of the most difficult situations a person can experience. I wanted to be with her, I came back to Poland for 3 weeks. There was no room in my head for social media back then.
I have been in Thailand again for over 2 weeks, I will soon enter Cambodia. Slowly my mind is back in a travel mode… And finally, I finished editing pictures from Varanasi.
Varanasi has everything that comes to your mind while hearing “India”. Colors, mess, noise, smells, dirt, Indian gods, crematoria, Ganges, honking tuk-tuks, cows, temples, spices… But what is most electrifying here are the people. I couldn’t get enough of their eyes, their smiles, their stories. Everyone – whether a pilgrim, a monk, an ascetic or a beggar – is brought by something different to this holy city, and yet a little bit the same. And you can find this something in these eyes – I hope that my pictures will reflect it a little.


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