On this day 1 year ago, I started my journey from my hometown in Austria, planning to drive along the ancient Silkroad and the legendary Hippietrail through Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Luckily I could totally stick to my plan. I even visited 3 more countries (Maldives, Cambodia, and a tiny bit of Laos).

Now 1 year later this trip would be completely impossible – all borders are closed, many travelers getting stuck, flying back, changing/canceling their long-planned and awaited trip.
I`m thankful that all went pretty well and my van never let me down.

Some statistics from my journey

Countries visited: 11
Distance driven: 29.800km
Highest elevation: 5.328m (Taglang La, India)
Longest time in 1 country: 7.7. – 29.11. (India)
Shortest time in 1 country: 1 hour (Laos)
Flat tires: 0
Car breakdowns: 0
Car accidents: 1 (my friend was driving)
Total photos (canon):11938
Total photos (iphone):6769
Illnesses: 2x cold, 1x urinary tract infection, 4x diarrhea(very strong)
Girls: 1
Cheapest country: Iran (~300 USD/month)

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