After I went to Agra to meet Zofia and pick up the spare parts I flew back to Guwahati. The van could be fixed immediately and I drove directly to my friends, who were staying in Meghalaya, a few kilometers from the border to Bangladesh.

Wild camp on the border to Bangladesh
Marco destroying the bonfire

There is no doubt that Meghalaya is one of my favorite places so far. Situated in the hills of the sub-Himalayas, Meghalaya is completely different from the rest of India. It is very clean, people are polite and friendly, the traffic is acceptable and the weather is pleasant.
In Sanskrit, Meghalaya translates into “‘abode of cloud, Wohnsitz der Wolken” and it is rightfully called so. It is claimed to be the wettest place on earth.

Root bridge in Meghalaya

We found a perfect camping spot close to the famous root bridges, which are handmade from the aerial roots of rubber fig by the Khasi and Jaintia tribe.

double-decker root bridge

Due to the heavy rainfall, there are also a lot of waterfalls to explore.

This is also one of the last stops before we cross the border to Myanmar in 10 days.

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