From Meghalaya to the border to Myanmar it’s about 600km, but google maps showed me a 24 hours ride, and we also heard that the roads should be in very poor conditions. So we decided to take the northern route through Guwahati, where I met Zofia.
After her unplanned stay in Warsaw she drove from Delhi to Varanasi and Darjeeling and is on the road again with me.

Zofia in Varanasi

On the way to the East, we crossed Kaziranga National Park, where Anja and Marco ( were waiting for us on the parking of an upper-class resort.
Kaziranga National Park is home to tigers, elephants and the world’s largest population of Indian one-horned rhinos. So it was clear that we want to take a wildlife safari and booked a jeep and a local guide. And we were not disappointed, only the Tiger didn’t show up.

Jeep Safari

Kaziranga is the last touristic place and stop before we head to Nagaland, a remote, wild and mystic area on the border to Myanmar, where we will cross on Wednesday.

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