Not many updates in the last weeks, but for a good reason: I almost spent the last 3 months on the beach in Thailand and found time to relax. When I arrived in Thailand I was really tired. Tired of days full of driving and dangerous traffic, tired of changing places every day.
The East of India and Myanmar were exhausting, and entering Thailand was also a pain.
It was the first time since the beginning of my trip that I felt like settling down a bit and reflect on past adventures.
That’s time was also important to think about the future and get an appetite for the next countries.
So what happened?
We visited all major tourist destinations from Chiang Mai to Koh Lanta and had to chance to see Thailand from a completely different perspective. I have been to Thailand so many times before that I stopped counting, but I never got the chance to see the country so close.

As a backpacker, I had the feeling that Thai locals are tired of backpackers, but with our overland vehicles and foreign number plates, they don`t treat us as a farang (foreigner) and are curious and interested about our adventures.

Zofia went 3 weeks to Poland to visit a friend who was in big trouble with her baby.
During that time I met a lot of other overlanders and spent some nice time on the beach. Thailand is the main turning point for overlanders, the routes from China, Australia and India cross here. So most of the time I was never alone.

Now we are already in Cambodia which we will cross from the South to the North and exit in Laos.

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